Star Wars: The Old Republic- Flashpoint: A Traitor Among the Chiss - Tech Caves

My role as an Environment artist on The Old Republic is to build worlds. For this area, this consisted of: worldbuilding, set-dressing, terrain sculpting and vertex painting, terrain painting (including rocks) lighting, VFX placement, level polish and optimization.

I was tasked to create a series of ship building and maintenance areas to be part of the larger factory of Copero. Part of what we wanted to show for this area of Copero was a sense of functionality and an interconnection between the areas. All the main cave areas are linked by cargo train tracks and rotating stations to change the direction of the car. 
The larger open room is a boss fight room, so both the center of the room and the scaffolding had to be relatively easy to traverse and flat.

All assets were created by other artists. Special thank you to, Carrie Meade, Jason Moulton, Catherine Farinas, Colin Wagner and the rest of the SWTOR team.