Star Wars: The Old Republic- Flashpoint: A Traitor Among the Chiss - Natural Caves and Optional Boss

My role as an Environment artist on The Old Republic is to build worlds. For these areas, this consisted of: worldbuilding, set-dressing, terrain sculpting and vertex painting, terrain painting (including rocks) lighting, VFX placement, level polish and optimization.

The tech caves transition into natural caves as well into an exterior landing platform high in the mountains above Copero's resort. Originally the landing pad was going to be a much smaller area that would be an Easter Egg, but when I blocked it in, we decided it would be a really cool place for an optional boss battle, so I fleshed it out quite a bit.

All assets were created by other artists. Special thank you to, Carrie Meade, Jason Moulton, Catherine Farinas, Colin Wagner and the rest of the SWTOR team.